Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 26, 2009

Maybe I was born guilty, but doesn't it give you a start when a "uniform" comes to the door? The last time the railroad officials from CN came to call, some genius had parked 3 feet from the tracks in front of my shop. Well the train cars are actually wider than the track (duh) so when the train came hauling coal cars, it dragged this car AND SOMEONE IN THE PASSENGER SEAT about 30 feet before it they could stop the train. It sounded like a bomb went off but the poor passenger walked away. What a feeling! I was pleasantly surprised that the call was actually about salvage. They are taking down all the telephone polls along the tracks in town and the CN guys had carefully selected only the unbroken insulators to give to me. I came out to see what had in fact come down and spied the very cool green copper cable and strapping. So much for that manicure, I grabbed my bolt cutters and unravelled it from the lines and at 6# per foot spent an hour wearing my back out to lug it to the yard. I love how the strapping looks all jumbled in a pile, would be cool in a big bowl. I'm imagining some cool light fixture with the copper cable and insulator but also thought I could design a simple iron holder to stick into the ground to hold an insulator and votive candle for a keen garden light. You got a better idea? Let me know, or come get some. The teal glass is beautiful and they're are several variations. Just gotta love roadside junk...

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